Mathematics offers children a powerful way of communicating. They learn to explore and explain their ideas using symbols, diagrams and spoken and written language.  Studying mathematics stimulates curiosity, fosters creativity and equips children with the skills they need in life beyond school. 

At Burley Oaks we aim to develop motivated and resilient mathematicians who can be fluent in the fundamentals of maths and confidently apply what they learn. Most of all, we want children to enjoy maths and to get excited about the challenges the subject can bring. It is important to us that children see the relevance of maths and why it is needed in life, including in unfamiliar contexts and real-life scenarios. Children need to be able to reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry, presenting a justification or argument using mathematical language. 

At Burley Oaks we:

  • apply the teaching for mastery principles across school
  • expose all our children to fluency, reasoning and problem solving frequently and consistently across a unit of work
  • recap the learning content daily to keep learning warm
  • consistently and regularly develop arithmetic skills and key knowledge 
  • discretely teach basic number facts and times tables 
  • believe that learning is not fixed and 'everyone can' 
  • address misconceptions quickly  

 Burley Oaks Maths Curriculum - Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1, our teaching is based on the Singapore method, using a scheme called 'Maths No Problem'. This aims to ensure that children's early maths development is focused on:

  •  a greater conceptual understanding of number and calculation. They will be able to visualise and generalise more readily due to a more in-depth understanding.
  • supporting struggling learners through accessing concrete equipment and use of visual models to support understanding.
  • challenging confident learners through exposure to unfamiliar problems, development of reasoning skills and by exploring multiple ways to manipulate numbers and solve problems. 

The resources match the expectations for formal written methods set out in the national curriculum. 

Year 1 scheme

Year 2 scheme 

Burley Oaks Maths Curriculum - Key Stage 2

The White Rose Maths schemes of learning are designed to give sufficient time for teachers to explore and understand concepts in depth, rather than covering it superficially and then returning several times. This practice and consolidation helps children to grasp the links between topics and to understand them more deeply.

Key Stage 2 scheme  

As we prove this to pupils and teachers alike, we’re shaping assured, happy and resilient mathematicians who relish the challenge of maths. They become independent, reflective thinkers, whose skills not only liberate them in maths but also support them across the curriculum.

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Parent Information Slides 

To find out more about how we teach maths in school, please click on the links below to access the information presented. 

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