At Burley Oaks we strongly believe that communication is key to ensuring all children are happy, secure, motivated and, ultimately, successful.  We have a wide variety of means of communication alongside the termly reports and parents’ meetings:

Teachers can be contacted (on non urgent matters) by email.  Emails can be sent to teachers using the following format:

The teacher's first initial and last name

For example, 
ach teacher's email address is shared on the half termly newsletter. 

A member of staff will be at the cloakroom doors at the start and end of the school day so that messages can be passed on.

We encourage communication through the use of home - school diaries.

Teachers regularly update their year group section of this website.

We subscribe to the Parentmail system therefore parents can be updated quickly and effectively.

Year group newsletters are produced half termly.  These can be downloaded in the 'newsletters' section.