Reports Page



There are three specific times throughout the school year that we formally report on your child’s progress and achievement.

Effective communication between home and school is vital whether by phone, email or in person. Parents are welcome to meet with the teachers at any time by mutual agreement. 


(usually just after the half term break)

Parent Consultation Evening

An appointment time of 10 minutes is provided from a choice of two evenings for parents to meet with the class teacher.

The focus of this meeting will be to consider:

  • how well the children have settled into their new classes
  • their attitude to learning
  • their learning to learn skills



The second parent consultation meeting of the year.

Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 meet with the class teacher as per the first meeting.




The children’s work from across the curriculum will be available for parents to look through.

Mid-year assessment results will be considered in relation to the end of year target for reading, writing and maths. Is your child on track to achieve well?  

Each of the other subject areas will be discussed to consider attainment according to age related expectations and the level of engagement/effort.

What kind of a learner is your child? Can they transfer skills across the curriculum? How well do they work with their peers? Do they enjoy school? Do they access a range of activities? Do they believe they can succeed?  


A full and summative end of year report is provided.


Parents wishing to discuss the final report are invited to make an appointment with the class or set teacher.

Transition meetings are offered to parents of children with specific needs with the current and new class teacher.


At Burley Oaks, we continue to track children's attainment and progress with rigour to ensure that all children perform in line with our aspirational expectations.     

The end of year expectations for each year group can be found on the respective year group pages on this website.  

For details of our latest end of Key Stage results please click here.


Whilst the school's assessment system works to monitor and track academic progress, I must reinforce that we believe in every child as an individual with strengths and talents that amount to far more than a set of levels! This is just one piece of a very large jigsaw.