Welcome to Year 2     


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 Learning Challenge Curriculum

Theme-Led Curriculum

Could a loaf of bread destroy a whole city? 

We will be finding out all about the Great Fire of London in our new topic, which builds on our learning about daily life 350 years ago.  We will find out about what life was like in London before the fire, how the fire was fought and the changes that occurred afterwards. Was it really the baker’s fault? What was it like to experience the fire? Was it a disaster in every sense?  As well as the historical focus, we will also be completing design and technology projects, from baking bread, to creating pulley systems for transporting buckets of water and designing moving fire engines.

Science                    How can I be the healthiest me?

We will continue our scientific discoveries into the importance of a healthy lifestyle and diet, as well as spending some time learning about the human life cycle. We will investigate: Why is it important for you to grow?  What can you do now that you couldn’t do five years ago?

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Calling all volunteers!

Last year the children enjoyed and greatly benefited from numerous parent volunteers who supported our curriculum themes, reading and invaluable school trips. This is a real strength of our school, and one which we are very keen to continue!  Please do get in touch if you think you can help in any way.